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Love broke my bones and I laughed. Why did nobody tell me earlier that you can fall in love with a variety of things, not only humans? What does it mean falling in love? It is like silences colliding into the nothingness of a moment, it is like droplets falling gently from the sky on your cheeks, it is like the smell of air after the rain, it is like the wind playing with your hair while you stand on the top of a hill looking into the deep, endless horizon, it is like the sunset where the sea swallowed the sun in its embrace, it is like a beautiful morning after a terrible storm. It is like your entire being decomposes into dust and every pore of your skin feels the breath of the Universe.

I remember falling in love with him for the first time. It felt like I am levitating above my own body and seeing the macrocosm clutched in my bones and stars plated in my soul. Firstly, I fell for his eyes, where stars locked themselves in the gasp of his irises. Part earth, part sea, half wind, half fire. Have you ever seen dark brown eyes in the sun? They melt into golden rays, turning into a sunset of their own. You couldn’t stop falling for each inch of him. When you start loving it is like it keeps radiating through you. Like you can’t stop sharing it and craving more and more. You wake up and the first thing you see is the sunrise blushing for you and you just can’t help not thinking about him, about the world, about that magic that only you, in that little room, at that very second experienced.

But. There is always a but, isn’t there? Have you noticed that everything this life has to offer comes with sides? One lifts you to the highest heavens, while the other casts you to the lowest hell. Sometimes though, only sometimes love intoxicates me. It comes in shapes and covers my eyes and ears, mouth and soul with a transparent cloth through which I just… I just can’t breathe. It becomes too much. It leaves me blind, deaf and speechless. But only sometimes.