Thoughts (8 oct 2017)

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My mind is a waterfall of thoughts and any amount of words seem either too little or too much. I was falling. Falling through time and space, stars, sky and everything in between. I fell for days and weeks and what i felt like was a lifetime across lifetimes. It terrified me until i forgot i was falling. And in that floating moment i understood that all this time i looked at my own existence through a different pair of eyes. If you think about it, even the process of falling might seem exciting in a way.

I am not scared anymore. Maybe a little.

Actually, even if i am somewhere in between, or on the ground, looking at the beautiful sky through my window or enjoying his kiss while someone plays Philip Glass on the streets of London; even if the pain, like arrows, broke through my eyes and fell on the cheeks or if i am swimming through the notes of a sad song just because i enjoy the melancholy of the moment; even if i am re-reading my favorite book or if his touches are so full of intention that every brush of his palms feel like he is writing a novel on my skin – I want to relish the intensity of that moment. I am happy to finally feel alive. Thank you.