This year has taught me that certain things are like the point where the rainbow touches the forest. We think that we can see it—but if we go to look for it, it isn’t there. And it is the same with people’s feelings, their words, their beings and promises, it is the same with our desires which mean nothing until we give them shape and make the invisible cloud – visible. Touchable. This year I’ve witnessed my feelings kneeling down and my minutes, as if belonging to a mechanic clock, fading away with passers by. But how beautiful when, through the chaos, you see through. I put my wings to dry in the sun, learnt not to fall into someone else’s distorted gravity, but allow my steps, eyes, fingers, feelings, glances, thoughts to try new paths. Ah! I am so so thankful! And, being frank, i feel it, though every pore of my skin, that all this beauty, happiness, gracefulness of the world, all this love that keeps pulsing through me, all the poetic people that stepped into my life, all the opportunities that took shape and are yet to come – everything is just the beginning of something beyond beautiful.

poate apusul de soare e doar rasaritul vazut de la spate