Social traps

Is it just me or do you also feel very intense at the moment?

I used to be so invested in my social media profiles, but recently, picking up my phone, scrolling, communicating through a virtual realm seems somehow.. pointless. I have always been ‘me’ here, in every sense of the word, but these past few months it seems like being within myself is much more fulfilling.

Looking back at all of the tiny virtual steps I took makes me proud of myself for being able to stay on top of all the trends and poisonous ‘fashions’ that happened over time. At 14 I started with a tumblr blog. You could express your inner world through someone’s pictures, movie quotes, connect with people overseas. At 16 I started doing cover songs, then at 19 – video blogging and online Q&As which gifted me with my own online community. Eventually, all of that escalated into short creative films and me taking over the world of photography.

Nonetheless, somehow, I was very lucky not to fall into social traps of posting for the sake of posting and creating something specific just because everyone else was doing the same. In this current age it seems like everyone is copying each other. And I’m not suggesting that this is.. immoral. We cannot have art without copying what people did before us. That is how we learn and implement the knowledge into our daily life. You pass it though your own prism and it comes out with parts of your soul. Rembrandt copied Caravaggio’s technique, Rousseau inspired Picasso, Dostoevsky influenced Murakami, etc. Yet now, it seems and feels as if most of the things on social media are just a copy of another copy. Therefore.. Why do people put themselves in those unnatural positions of being like someone else, when they have such a unique world inside of them? Why not bring your own version of yourself, instead of being like her or him or them? I was always truthful to my world and I hope people will wake up one day and do the same. Most of the content posted here or anywhere else is just poisoning our subconscious so much. I just wish we all aim to bringing some life into this virtual realm, pieces of ourselves and discover that we are enough.