I woke up thinking that I don’t want to write anything about the year of 2020, but ended up doing it anyway. Ha. It was confusing but I didn’t hate it. 2020 was the bridge between the old world and the new world; it was the year we learnt that life is ephemeral; it became the time outside the time. From my own perspective, even though I lost, as anyone else, family and friends, I also managed to gain, on a spiritual level enormously and I am sincerely so grateful for the ‘enlightenment’ I was offered, the opportunities and the person I am today. Everything has its right to happen, be it good or bad, and it always has a reason behind it. We just have to peacefully accept it. I recently met a wonderful person that keeps telling me: “It is all a matter of perspective. Look through your soul and you’ll always know the way.” We should all be lucky to be living, breathing, to love, feel, understand everything around us. Because when we want to open our souls towards the abundance of the Universe, we’ll manage to see and mostly feel that magic that surrounds us. I think my 2021 started a month ago, but to whoever feels like it stars tonight, I wish you to stay open towards everything and step without expectations or fear, but with loads of curiosity. Like a child that sees the night sky for the first time. Live now and today, every single day!