“If you do not have a spiritual connection in the physical realm, you have nothing.” And it refers to every interaction our skin or mind has with the outside world.

“COLOURED EMOTIONS” is my scream directed towards the mirror of my being, an energetic wave that breaks the barriers of time-space continuum. This trilogy is an ending and a beginning, whose words and images can be interpreted as you may. 

“Coloured Emotions” is a story about our emotional evolution: getting from a state of dream (Heaven), to a state of reality (Purgatory), and eventually to a state of delusion (Hell). I wanted to show how an emotion, a fear, a thought can evolve and drag you down to the lowest point of your existence. Therefore, be it dream, reality or fantasy; future, present or past; heaven, purgatory or hell, something or someone always follows. Each one of us. We all have to connect to the shadow in order to get to the light.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of parallel realities taking place simultaneously. Therefore, after analyzing my own evolution of feelings, I delimitated the short film into three sequences. Thus, I found that emotions end up rotating in a circle which is part of a spiral – the end is a beginning in continuous ascension.

Coloured Emotions: HEAVEN (part I)

“Heaven” is a dream, where you find yourself in nature, protected, where you can resonate with every cell in your body, where life feels complete because you are the only one who gives it shape. I wanted to play, both visually and auditory, with the idea of being in a mental picture, watching the beauty of the sky, completely connected with your inner yourself; but where, at the same time, you find yourself knowing, deep down, that you ought to run away from something that is hidden somewhere at the bottom of your subconscious.

Coloured Emotions: PURGATORY (part II)

You wake up from ‘the dream’ and find yourself in a “Purgatory” of emotions. You are born alone, you exist alone and you die in your loneliness. Reality becomes a bridge between the unconsciousness and the higher consciousness. A second that belongs to an eternity. Don’t we put a lot of pressure on that ‘second’ that lasts as long as a blink of an eye? Is ‘Purgatory’ a state of being or maybe a feeling of alienation – when you belong to nothing yet everything?

Coloured Emotions: HELL (part III)

And from this philosophical turmoil you get to step into the last stage – “Hell”, where being lost in the darkness, you find the light. You free yourself. However, here lies the twist: stepping into Hell should be a conscious decision, through which your being understands that by reviewing your fears, you make peace with the past and the angst of existing.
As Dante wrote “The path to Paradise begins in Hell” therefore at the end, we start from the beginning.

Time is not linear, yesterday, today and tomorrow, past, present and future are not consecutive. Everything is deeply connected; the future can change the past and it only takes a pair of eyes that consciously decide to stay open inside and out. 

Concept Creator, Director, Editor, Writer, Cinematographer, Actor: Catalina Cazacu
Camera, Cinematographer, Concept Creator (pre-production): Ira Trifanov
In collaboration with SLOW creatives
Music I: Fabrizio Paterlini – “Before the storm”
Music II: Winter Aid – “The wisp sings”; Acid Arab – “Electrique Yarghol” ft Hasan Minawi
Music III: Original mix by Alexandr Novac