Unapologetically myself

I’ll admit that when I graduated drama school in 2019, I never thought that I would become a student again. But, the discovery of my inner voices and the technological breakthroughs, facilitated me with the ability to learn, devour, get drunk on knowledge and attend any course that this reality provided. And still provides.

I will turn the arrows towards my own experience and start as banal as this: I have always been passionate about Astrology, Astronomy and Psychology, and I kept seeing them as a tool of tackling the unconscious and discovering the superconscious. My love for the cosmos was there all along, I just somehow managed to tone it down as the social pressure of my surroundings considered it a superficial deviation from reality.

2020 opened the gates towards my understanding of the esoteric. Therefore, 2021 became the year to put it into practice. So I started diving deep into: Psychoanalysis, shadow work, the magic of signs and synchronicities, the power of Mother Earth and spiritual practices (yoga, meditation, ancestral guidance, Higher Self), and last but not least, enrolled to study Astrology at Astrauranias (Levin’s Moscow Academy of Astrology).

Astrology is more than the placement of the stars and planets the second you were born. It is one of the oldest sciences, a map to understanding existence, energy and life. Hundreds of years before the time of Christ, Greek philosophers formulated the theory of Humans in Microcosm: “human beings are a miniature version of the cosmos”. According to this concept, everything in nature has a parallel in human beings, and thus humankind and the Universe are linked together in a system of correlations.

I believe that in order to create a better world, we have to connect to ourselves, go after our passions and try to unravel the secrets of this Universe. After all, we have only one life in this physical appearance.