The last couple of months opened a portal that brought me closer to understanding the functioning of the metaphysical quantum nature of reality. I can finally accept, with an open heart, all of those out of this world callings. How can I let you all know that we are not bodies that possess a soul, but we are souls that consciously decided to have this human experience? We are parts of a higher intelligence, unified in the same energy that makes us one.

I had no idea of how to start this conversation, how to let my voice reach the world. Sharing that I’m going through a deep spiritual awakening made me think that I’ll be bombarded with negatively charged comments. I am not frightened anymore.

There is an astral plane above us all that collects our vibrations. Going beyond it allows us to realise that we are all swimming in this big aquarium of energy. That we are all energy. We have to all gradually take small steps on this way of self discovery and deeply try to allow ourselves spacetime to step fully into all of our emotions, taking them all in (+ and -) and accepting them as ourselves, as a polarity, as our unique experience on this physical three-dimensional plane which turns out to be multi-dimensional. Let’s not forget that we are the reflection of the Universe inside this Universe.

Somehow, I have always known – when looking at the way the trees look at the sky or the way the grass speaks to every touch you give it – that all is One and that this Oneness is always guiding us through it all, just like a compass in the middle of a raging storm. Opening the inner eye and allowing the inner voice to speak through you, awakes one of the most fulfilling human emotions. You stop comparing yourself to someone else’s journey, stop looking for validation in someone else’s words and certainly declare that the only voice that resonates with you is your own truth. And here the inner clarity and wisdom comes to the surface, and gradually starts to decompose the coatings of the ego that made you so heavy. I am gently, but with determination letting go of the weight of what people think and thought, the weight of guilt, the weight of fear, shame, rejection, past attachments. All of that had to be released so I could reconnect to the Now and welcome in the New.

If you allow yourself to live in your truth, become the ‘awareness’ itself, be present in each moment, people of your own frequency will attract you. This quote was written by a beautiful human whose energy feels like my own: “Time is a gift we chose, Earth and nature are unconditional love, all the cosmic laws that allow us to vibrate in this current experience are profoundly beautiful, allowing us to revisit ourselves throughout the infinite multiverse. Hearing each other is a gift, really hearing each other for we are One. One with many Individuations, many compounds, many elements yet part of the same ether, same matter, the same ego. And from this fundamental root animating all things we start to really see life as it is, stripped of misinterpretations. And with this we can actually act, our actions align with our words. Our heart is in coherence with our mind. To feel sheltered and taken care of by a Wisdom that knows all pasts, all futures and all presents and is unconditionally free.”

Therefore, let’s free ourselves from the burden of being someone different. I want to be honest. As I AM in my ART. I want to share deep thoughts and feelings. I want to have a community that genuinely believes in this transfusion of vibrations through the quantum fields. A community that is ready to make a positive impact on the world by slowly taking generous steps towards discovering who they are. Dispersing and unobstructing those knots of trauma they’ve been keeping. Acknowledging the existence of their Higher Selves and opening themselves up to receive that ancestral guidance. I am tired of keeping silent and be a face to page, creating art for the sake of content, I am tired to adjusting to what people want me to be or keep silent out of fear of pushing others away. I am becoming true to myself with every second of this wonderful experience in this human body. And oh…………… I feel so highly blessed to feel the way I do!!!

When I finished writing this my clock said 22:11. Message received.

inspired by the wonderful Kristina Bazan