I am slowly returning to unity and sovereignty, one of the steps being this: an intimate conversation with you. With you all. I wanted and have been called to do this for way too long and taking action seems like the most reasonable step. 

Since the last recorded video (see on my Instagram page), I managed, somehow, to elevate my vibrations, defocusing myself from the negatively charged frequencies. This time I want to share with you the new relationship I formed with “OPENNESS” and maybe, in between my words, you will find your own answers. 

🝮 Openness 🝮 PART I

🝮 Openness 🝮 PART II

I’ll take it from the start. Neuroscience proves that the brain, instead of remembering the ‘negative’ process that led us to a downfall, tends to remember the exact fraction of a second when we made the choice to rise up. It is the moment when one uses the last drop of life left in the abyss and ascends. It isn’t about a new life, but about a new choice where your values shake up, where regrouping and gathering parts of yourself in dealing with extremities feels like a liberating path towards your senses. (If you want to read more about it, research Dr Joe Dispenza)

Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you; when you start imprinting your intent on the Universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.

I can recollect each mm of that second. A second that could freeze eternity. The “enough” traversed my being like an echo vibrating from my atomic nucleus. And when a second is an eternity, love transcends all the fields of quanta. So I was resurrected, brought back into light, while my emotions moved through me like an ocean current.

But when light is combined with intellect, the Renaissance of the soul begins. And your being opens up.

Opening myself up, which would translate as a “surrendering” and a “letting go” of anything that doesn’t serve the existence anymore, taught me enormously about the importance of the empty space that has to be made inside of us. Once you throw away the unnecessary baggage in the physical world and clean the corridors of the psychical world, you create room for the New. And I am in loooove with all the New that stepped into my fractal Universe. 

What if being open means not being afraid of sharing your intimacy with others?

We humans are so used to the idea of pain, that we genuinely think that ‘pain’ is the only way of being, the only outcome of everything. We create from pain, we tend to think that sharing hurtful events that happened to us connects us with the community, we swim in pain and share it more than we share happy memories or thoughts. Why? Well.. I guess it is easier to be sad than happy. It is a marriage that needs a divorce. As a result, we cut ourselves from ‘openness’ in fear that we’ll feel pain again. But, the reality is: it doesn’t affect you, if you don’t allow the outer events to get through you. How can they touch you when you are transparent? 

Therefore, I believe that ‘OPENNESS’ is your ability to cut the cords of fear and show your true self – your honest opinion, views, past-present-future… Will you lose anything? No. Will you get hurt by something that is outside of you? No, because you don’t allow it. It doesn’t even cross your mind that someone can use it against you. Why? Because of the vibrations that accompany your words when you communicate your thoughts.

What does “OPENNESS” mean to you? 

I appreciate your time, your support and your unconditional love. May you find in between my words and silences the answers that you need.