NEW MOON in Libra, 6 oct 2021

Imagine two beings that hold a deep, eternal love for one another and only get the chance to see each other once in 30 days. They cross for a night, disappearing from the viewer’s eye in a dance that lightens up the stars. This is how I see every New Moon – a conjunction between two celestial bodies that reunite beyond presence. The sky becomes darkened by the unknown and the gate opens up to see all the ancient constellations. The Yin in the shadow of the Yang, the duality of an invisible whole. 

The zodiac sign of Libra is all about partnerships, balance, the reconciliation of the opposites, love contacts fear and light exists with darkness. [ To make myself clear, a New Moon happens when both the Sun and the Moon meet in the same zodiac sign and in the same degree. ] Therefore this astrological event provides us with the opportunity to understand and deepen the partnerships we have with others. But, let’s not forget that the main relationship that must hold our presence, is the one we have with ourselves. If you can, try to remember the dreams you had (5, 6, 7 october) as they are the gate to your subconscious. 

☾ What needs to heal? 
☉ Who do you have to let go of? 
☽ Are you weighed down with emotional baggage, thoughts, or beliefs that no longer serve you? 

Reconnect to your inner compass and decide what you want to carry and what can be left behind. This is a time of introspection. Look inwards and seek balance. 

Personally, I felt insanely heavy these past few days, as if what I am – cracked, just like an inanimate object. Signs were pouring from everywhere, starting with dreams to synchronistic events outside of me. They all resurfaced fears that I had to work on. And even though it still feels uncomfortable to allow these emotions and thoughts to go through me, I hold a deep gratitude for the lessons they try to teach me.

artwork: Gerhard Richter
place: Tate Modern, London