If I want to keep on filming videos where I can share information on a specific topic that is important to me and that resonates with the world that I want to help create, I have to first introduce myself properly, let you know what I am and who I am deep beneath the physical surface.

I remember being 19, living my first year away from home, in search for answers without asking the questions. I knew back then that I want to create a community and inspire someone to dream without the fear of failing, without disappointment and self-judgement; inspire someone to listen to their own inner voice and feel their calling from the inside instead of the outside. I didn’t know how to do it, so I thought: why not be myself and share what I am – a soul in search for meaning. As a result, I bought my first camera and started filming the world around me, my life, my inspirations, struggles, dreams, inner explorations, feelings, relationships, texts, thoughts, singing, acting, literature, poems.. And it worked! Somehow people started coming together, dreaming bigger, asking questions and searching for answers. It made me feel useful, as if, through my own understanding of the world, I could help them explore the vastness of this Universe.

But we all need moments of introspection. Being away from home and mainly on my own, the outside opinions, the toxic friendships and relationships turned me against my own voice. As a result I emotionally numbed myself, I cut myself off social platforms and life in general, thinking that my opinion, my own Universe has no voice and is not worthy of listening to. When I look back at those moments, at those beautiful years, I hold no judgement, no low vibrational emotions, only love. Love for who I am, who I was, who I can become, love for those people who offered me the most valuable lessons, love for the world and for this Universe.

Here I am today, in front of you all, with my heart and mind wide open, trying again.

🝮 WHO AM I? 🝮 (october 2021)

🝮 WHO AM I? 🝮 (july 2015)

// artwork by my dear soul friend Cristina Golovatic //