We live in a Holographic Universe that is witnessing us with great curiosity. Once upon a time, a single cell, which was the core of All That Is, asked itself “Who can I become?” And in that moment it dispersed, like rivers do, like roots do, veins or the watercolours on a wet paper. It all started with the idea that it, the cell, can become someone else, something else. This pulsating consciousness wanted to experience itself in all dimensions, all circumstances, all routes and learn all the lessons there are. Why? To know thyself. It went in to look for the truth, in order to come back and become. 

It went from self, then split in many other dimensions, those others split more and it created a network of consciousness and every reality around. Now, it is patiently waiting to accomplish the journeys through all the other worlds and go back to the core. So that it knows what it can become. This organism has no other purpose than to see what it is capable of. 

What are we or where are we, you ask? We are in that consciousness living different perspectives of that consciousness. We are it’s neutrons. We are it. You are one neutron with your reality, your world, your vision; and I am too, one with mine. Therefore, we are in unity – the holograms of one single reality, which is one spot. That is what we humans try so intensely to understand. 

Your reality, mine, his and hers are all part of One. We are all One – this consciousness that once upon a time asked itself what it can be. We do the same, don’t we? We go from the self, we then split in many other dimensions in search for who we are, to eventually come back to ourselves with the deep galactic knowledge to walk further, to see what you are capable of. 

When this higher consciousness became aware of itself, it realised that it created a matrix. In this matrix, we walk the thoughts of this great mind. Some of us may say that it is a trap, that we have to escape. But in truth, we have to realise that we can transform and modulate our own reality. We unconsciously act in the same way as our ‘creator’. We explore both the inner and the outer worlds, spacetime, the quanta, other dimensions so we can bring the knowledge back to self and understand it all. 

Let me explain it differently. This reality, the one that we are living in, actually, the one you are living in, is the centre of your dimension. While, at the same time, mine – is the centre of my dimension. Now, go above it all and see how many other worlds exist outside of your own… As many as living souls. Now, because I cannot keep it as simple as that, obviously (please hear my evil laugh), lets place on top of that the theory of Parallel Universes. The idea of a multiverse is one of many derived from the current theories of quantum mechanics and the string theory. It implies that there are other worlds, identical to ours, but where the action that takes places is completely different. Some of these Parallel Universes could be generated by us in moments of major decision makings. Therefore, taking it back to the start, you with your own reality desiccated it into other realities where also you are something different. And as a matter of fact, all of your realities exist simultaneously inside of you and each one of us has the capacity of going inwards and experiencing sides of them. But for that, we need to forget the way we were taught that life works. Unlearn everything you learnt because only through nothing, through darkness, you can see everything within. We don’t need another world or another pair of bones with skin to explore the vastness of who we can be.

My main point is that we have to remember that all of our worlds exist at the same time and for each one of us, all of them are true and real. Each one of us sees their dimension as the centre of it all. 

Now lets get back to that Higher Consciousness from the beginning of the story. As replicas of this ‘All that is”, all we do is an attempt to go back home, to the roots. But this beginning is not something we can see, it is something we can only feel, deep inside our atomic structure. And only then, we are EVERYWHERE.

We are one within oneness and oneness within one