Reflecting back on 2021, two words arise in my mind: CHANGE and GROWTH. I have experienced the polarity of both of them. If I get to picture it, the image of a neuron with its dendrites comes to my mind. The desiccation of a single aspect that brings you towards many possibilities.

My growth has been both ascending and descending. As a 86% extrovert, with an absurd need for socialisation and attention, I spent most of the year on my own, letting in only those who won’t damage my healing and growth.

I rediscovered my love for the Cosmos above, Jung and Astrology with all its mathematical probabilities became my friends, I tapped into the invisible and became more spiritual; I opened my heart and let love in – this being one of my main goals and inner conflicts which I overcame; I grew in confidence, rebuilding what I once destroyed – as ludicrous as it may sound, I couldn’t accept my feminine side, being afraid of the power that I hold – how good to activate both ‘Lilith’ and ‘Selene’ within all of any cells.

The constant change made this year truly unstable. I used to think that I see my path, but I was shown the Neptunian part of me. I’m still learning to surrender, ohh trust me, I still feel as if my entire brain is in a constant state of gas. But I’ll do my best to not oppose it anymore.

With all my nuclear heart, I am GRATEFUL for the way everything unfolded, for the support I received (both visible and invisible), for my old friends and my new friends, for my magical family, for synchronicities, for my teachers (from feathers to planets) and for rediscovering my inspirational cosmic partner who takes me by the hand showing me reciprocity, that being loved and loving isn’t damaging you and that exploring each other’s cosmos within the big cosmos is a life adventure.

In 2022 I want to amplify all of the wonderful aspects that I already developed and I want to act. Act as my job, haha, but also act into materialising my dreams. How much time do we spend dreaming about what we want vs. actually making that change happen? My being is full of invisible connection, in 2022 I will make them visible.


PS: Don’t take yourself too serious.