What is happiness? 

We all ask ourselves existential questions hoping to give meaning to the paths and priorities we set for ourselves. We do that in hope to justify, unconsciously, the actions we are about to take. The question still came up after I watched a wonderful interview on a youtube page – “АКЦИОНЕРВЫ” (which I highly recommend). 

As conscious beings we try to rationalise everything forgetting to add to this rationalisation a special ingredient “the feeling of it all”. The feeling of each emotion that confronts us. In our society, we are very often tricked by the idea of happiness that is sold on every corner of the internet. We started to buy it, in hope that it will bring us some kind of love which could fill this void created inside of us. What we are missing, from the bigger picture, is the most crucial component. An element which is easily said and hard to implement. Because if you deliberately take that path, you have to accept that your life may radically change. 

‘Awareness’. Most of us have everything we need for a happy life, yet we tend to neglect the little things that surround us while building our imperium on this quest for material gain. Living in awareness is simply the conscious act of acknowledging the life you built around you and being grateful, each day, for small details that pass you by in a hurry. 

As Carl Jung stated in one his works “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”. Therefore, why not choose everyday to see the world in a different colour? I am not saying to pretend to be happy for a brighter community picture – this is called “toxicity” and this is what happens on the internet with all the “happy” facades. Why not choose everyday to be the best version of who you can ever be and act as that person? What a privilege to become such a beam of light. 

The world doesn’t need more successful people. It needs more happy people. People that act from love and do what they love, people that serve others and themselves as well, people that dream and act because they are called to change themselves and others. Let’s become those people.