feel the FEAR and do it anyway

We all know what ‘FEAR’ feels like, but we rarely ask ourselves “Where does it come from?”.
The only way to access this information is to ask the fear itself.

Psychology states that all of our fears be they X Y or Z, all bring us to the same result: death, the fear of death. “I am afraid of rejection. Why? Because I am afraid that I won’t be able to integrate. Why? Because I am afraid that I will be alone. Why? If I am alone, I will become anxious and depressed. Why? Anxious and depressed I will simply disappear. = death!”

Our stories are just fast adventures, a fear of some kind that blocks us from stepping too deep into someone else’s being because this is how you find a reflection of yourself in the chains of the other.

If we take it even deeper, the fear of death is the fear of time.
In Sanskrit, “TIME” and “DEATH” are presented sometimes as the same word “KĀLA”. The fear of death is the fear of time, as death stops the time.

In essential, the fear’s provenience lies in our inability to live life to its fullest. A vivid example would be the erosion of the Pyramids of Giza. This is exactly what we think the passing of time does to us. But instead of emerging into orgasmic and profound experiences, we fear life more than we live it. We fear the unlived moments, intimacy, profound conversations, the stars above, eccentric ideas and spontaneity. We died without even dying.

Time is a problem simply because we are not living the moments to their fullest. And this brings me to the idea that, instead of locking the door, invite the fear in and speak your truth to each other. You may find a friend after all. A catalyst. This is what happened to me.

A life that is not lived gives power to the one we call death. A life lived to the core of its essence, takes all the power away.