When I was little I used to hear a lot about war, protests, small revolutions and gatherings of people who demanded freedom from their guvernment. How horrible it is to “demand” a freedom that, by all human rights, should be ours. My parents used to take me with them on the streets, protesting in tents against our corrupt government. 

But, I vividly remember a phrase my father dropped about ten years ago. A phrase which stuck with me: “I am worried that Russia could start a war against us all and I’ll have to send you and your mom away and fight.” I cried that day as I didn’t want those words to manifest into reality. But why would he say them, if he didn’t feel the danger coming? You somehow never expect for such events to occur in a century where people aspire towards discovering the unknown, technology advances and humanity is gradually flourishing.

I never thought that I would ever start journaling with “25 Feb 2022. A war next to my home has started and I feel paralysed. I can’t stop crying out of empathy towards the harmed souls and out of fear for my family being in danger.” This is the beginning of a script, not a real life statement. 

First of all, I am proud of the mobilisation and the solidarity of my people in Moldova towards the Ukrainian refugees. Hundreds of people offered free warm food, accommodation, medical supplies, help, understanding, mental support and animal care; some bakeries even made cakes for those children whose birthday happened to be on these terrifying days; donations were made and also protests all over the world as this chaos and horror affects us all, individually and as a collective. Our silence would mean death and the voice finally came together.  

From an ASTROLOGICAL point of view, most of the practitioners expected the worst and neatly covered it with hopeful words to avoid panic. A “war” was expected, but the form of it could’ve been different. I will start by explaining each aspect and energy so that it makes sense to you all. The energy of the aspects between planets last from a week to a few months. Every planet and sign has a polarity, it depends on the frequency you want to access. 

On 28.02.2022 we had a big conjunction (planets lined up exactly exchanging energies) in the sky, made out of 6 planets in 2 different zodiac signs (order and people). Coincidence? No.. This is quite rare. I will add the chart so you can see how it looks. 

In the sign of Capricorn (old order, ambitions, conservatism, planning) of 3 planets: 

  • Mars (action, energy, masculine principle, instinct, courage, brutality, aggressivity, cowardice)
  • Pluto (death, transformation, power, psychic regeneration, despotism, cruelty, sadism, exaggerated fears)
  • Venus (feminine principle, harmony, sensitivity, desire, lack of love, cruelty).

In the sign of Aquarius (people, progress, revolution, altruism) of 3 planets: 

  • Mercury (communication, short trips, information, illogic, nervousness, air)
  • Saturn (order, structure, border, rules, stubbornness)
  • Moon (maternal spirit and love, emotions, memory of the past, family, depression).

These 6 planets create 5 strained aspects on the sky with: 

1. the conjunction of the Sun (personality, ego, power, love) and Jupiter (expancion, morality, immorality, far away land)  in the sign of Pisces (dreams, illusion, creativity, cloudy borders of the subconscious); 
2. Neptune (illusion, secrets, water, mysticism, transcendence, psychotic behaviour) in Pisces;  and 
3. Uranus (independence, unexpected events, atypical, rebellion, future, cataclysm) in Taurus (land, earth, beauty, art, collection, material gain, food, stubbornness, laziness). 
4. North Node in Taurus, a fictional point in the sky, that shows where our individual or collective destiny is headed towards. 
5. Lilith (deception) in Gemini (communication, information, duality) – meaning lies.

The Moon being the fastest ‘planet’, moves every 2 days towards a new sign, while all the other planets are much slower. Knowing that the Moon is our deep emotions, means that until around 09.03.2022 (maybe longer) she’ll travel across all the other planets, intensifying their energies. Astrologers expect the worst on 03.03.2022, when Mars and Pluto will be exactly conjunct.

Now, I’ll ask you to digest all this information carefully and tell me: is this a coincidence? 

Mars and Pluto – war, destruction, Saturn and Mercury – restriction of speech and trips, Venus and Moon – desires and emotions for safety, Sun and Jupiter – expansion of all of that, Uranus and Neptune – cataclysms (nature/human made) on the land, oil spilt, water poisoning…

As we know, astrology bases its prognostics not only on energetic frequencies, but also upon mathematical calculations and historical events. You may ask me now: when was the last time we had such tensional aspects in the sky, especially Mars conjunction Pluto? Does 23.03.2020 ring the bell? The start of Covid? Restriction of borders? This was a war of some kind where humanity was globally attacked by an invisible enemy .

Many astrologers believed that this year should be the catalyst of another war of some kind, as in the past.. But all we do is read the energies, not predict the future. There is much more to say, but I hope this little helped you understand how much you can see in the sky and how influenced we are by these vibrations. We are energetic beings and we feel the frequencies on different levels of our conscious and subconscious minds. 

I don’t know what to expect next as I do not possess enough information for that matter, but I hope as loudly as possible for the world to wake up and be at peace. Saying that my loving thoughts are with you all, my neighbours and my home country won’t help much… I still HOPE, hope and PRAY for an energy above us all, created by us all from our loving thoughts, to make a difference and support, protect and guide those in need. 

Lastly, do not feed low frequency energies like fear and revenge. Be above that all and feed the hope and trust, feed love and courage. If each one of us comes together on a mental plane encouraging the high frequency energies and on a physical plane protesting the restrainment of freedom and injustice, war and corruption, we can rise and make the difference, change the situation.. TOGETHER!