Amissa Alma

Amissa Alma is a play exploring self-discovery and love for something bigger than life itself. Dahlia is stuck in a purgatory where the only chance she has is to destroy her limitations. Seven identical doors, all white apart from one, which is of a deep crimson red. What will she find? An escape or an entrance? An illusion or her own reality?

I wrote this play wishing to tickle people’s need for the intangible, their love for the small things life, moreover to provoke them to live every second, to awake from this illusion and understand that black implies white, self implies other and life implies death.

Amissa Alma lived for the first time this November 2018, during the International Festival of New Work at East 15 Acting School. I must admit, it aroused in me a feeling, both frightening and inspiring. I had to bury many versions of myself as this play broke my bones and I laughed. I laughed because I found light beneath the darkness, a smile beneath the stillness. All changed and i am thankful.