Each character I played, influenced the person I am today. People keep asking me why did i choose acting. Why, why, why? I don’t know why the big Universe and the stars kissed me the day I was born and left in my eyes the need to create. Perhaps they saw in me an accumulation of souls, ready jump and come to life; or through me they wanted to give the world a lesson and change some souls. Who knows.

The Romanian playwright, I.L.Caragiale, wrote in one of his plays that: the actors, when they step on stage, should be possessed, should have a demon inside of them which would come out through their eyes, eyebrows, mouth, through their fingertips, through all their pores; they should take that demon and blow it into the audience. Being on the stage or in front of the camera makes me feel like i am covered in a white absent noise. Most of the times I forget what I’ve planned to do and simply follow my instinct (perhaps demons). I take from others and give even more from myself. It’s an alien like emotion, a feeling that overwhelms all my atoms. I forget about life, about myself, day, night, even about the stars. I just live. Breathe. Here and now.

When i was little, i stepped in front of the mirror and ask myself  “To be, or not to be”, not even realizing what it means. Two decades later, I can say that I was so so lucky being given the opportunity to play Hamlet – a man that questions our existence, life, death, confronting each of us with the mirror of our own morality in an imperfect world.

(c) Andrew H Williams