The rest is SILENCE

“To be or not to be… That is the question.” – such a simple thought and yet one whose complexity awakens the consciousness of so many generations. During my 5 years of studies in Great Britain, Shakespeare became my ally in understanding the complex notions of life and death, a mentor hidden under the vibrations of time who helped me perceive the metaphors behind such mundane details.

I lived through his various characters: Juliet, Viola, Paulina, Puck, Hamlet.. Now, arriving on the stage of Moldova, I got entrusted with the creative spirit of Shakespeare in the play felt and born by Mihai Tarna.

The non-verbal movement based piece “Si restu-i tacere” at TEATRUL FARA NUME – is a manifesto of faith in the liberating and saving power of art, of imagination, capable of defeating desertion, oblivion, dissolution into nothingness – death. It is a play of sublime feelings that open up in the soul of the viewer, a show of metaphors reborn through movement and light.

Being a catalyst of creative energy on stage, I reconfirmed the therapeutic essence of the job I chose to assign to myself, namely that of being here and now, feeling and offering feelings. In such moments I realise the ‘luck’ with which life has kissed me – the ability to be ME and yet thousands of other lives that live through me.

photography – Natalia Mitereva
edit – Catalina Cazacu