Catalina Cazacu is a European actress – a cosmic speck of dust floating in the space.

Catalina was born in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, on the 18th of June. From an early age she discovered her passion for the unknown, the mesmeric and the arts. After finishing the twelfth grade, she left for England, where the real adventure began: auditions, a year of foundation followed by a three year training in Acting at East 15 Acting School.

Catalina plays Young Dasha in Killing Eve Season 3, currently on BBC iplayer.

Catalina recently released her first short film trilogy “Coloured Emotions” – created in collaboration with S L O W creatives, a team of artists that she freshly joined.


BA Acting (International) at East 15 Acting School (2019)

CertHE Theatre Arts at East 15 Acting School (2016)